sweaty facts


There's more than just one type of sweat, despite no types being desirable. Two types of glands produce two types of sweat.

The eccrine glands found on the hands, feet and forehead produce sweat that's 99% water and largely unoffensive. The apocrine glands, however - are found around the groin and arm pits. These are the main perpetrators when it comes to your unique brand of BO.

Depending on your situation, one type of gland will start working overtime. Here are some classic sweat scenarios.

  3. WORK
  4. SEX


Going for a run or getting involved in any physical activity will cause muscles to work overtime and raise body temperature. Exercise causes eccrine glands to work producing a mix of water, sodium chloride and potassium to cool you down.


Finally going on a date with that girl will cause nerves and sometimes and uncontrollable case of the sweats. Wet armpits, a beady brow or sweaty palms, none scream 'dating demi-God.' Don't hold her hand until you've got this under control.


A deadline or an important meeting can set off a case of the 'stress sweats.' Even the painful wait before the presentation can set you off. Sometimes even the thought of getting sweaty is enough to cause this reaction, setting a bad cycle in motion.


The vast majority of the apocrine glands are in your nether regions, logic follows that the slightest bit of arousal can cause the sweat to start rolling. In primates, scents released from apocrine glands are called pheromones and are used to attract potential partners. As for humans, there is alot of contradictory evidence regarding the existence of pheromones in humans.